Salvation Army Angel Tree ’23


Stephens Media Group has teamed up with the Salvation Army Angel Tree and Akland Pump & Irrigation to help less fortunate kids in the Yakima Valley have the Christmas they deserve. Make a wish come true by purchasing a toy for a child (or multiple!) on the list. Give us a call or message us here to let us know which child you will be purchasing a present for. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Please bring unwrapped toys to 17 N. 3rd Street, Suite 103 by 12/15/23.

The Double D List has been fulfilled! Please visit our sister stations and help fulfill the needs of Yakima Valley children on their lists! THANK YOU!!!!

100.9 Cherry FM Angel Tree List

Hot 99.7 Angel Tree List

105.7 The Hawk Angel Tree List

First Name Gender Age Wish
Antonio M 11 Years ​Skateboard, football , ​
Ilianna F 10 Years ​Warm boots ​
Amalia F 9 Years ​Doll , craft ​
Kevin M 7 Years ​Mario toy pokemon spider ​
Enrique M 6 Years ​Minecraft batman ​
Dayana F 5 Years ​Minnie mouse cocomelon ​
Ezekiel M 3 Years ​Cocomelon toys ​
Andrei M 2 Years ​Comomelon toys ​
Jayla F 9 Years ​Clothes like jeans ​
Jenissa F 6 Years ​Pixie toys ​
Jazlynn F 20 Months ​Moving toys ​
Nevaeh F 23 Months ​Toys and clothing ​
Daniel Gael M 21 Months ​Toy for baby boy , cars ​
Alyson F 3 Years ​Barbies,girl toys ​
Mason M 2 Years ​Learning toys/clothes ​
Jasper M 8 Years ​Power rangers, legos ​
Zayden M 5 Years ​Legos, monster trucks
Maverick M 3 Years ​Dump trucks,any trucks ​
Elijah M 19 Months ​Push toys, blocksanythin ​
Angela F 4 Years ​Barbies ​
David M 4 Years ​Airplanes ​
Humberto Jr M 2 Years ​Monster truck ​
Elana F 12 Months ​Barbie ​
Annabelle F 10 Years ​Art supplies or crafts ​
Alexander M 8 Years ​ Basketball ​
Eliseo M 6 Years ​Spiderman ​
Angela M 2 Years ​ Minnie mouse ​
Ricardo M 15 Months ​ Coco melon ​
Yaretzi jazlyn F 4 Years ​BigDanosaurs,barbiesdoll
Juan Carlos M 11 Years ​Bigcars,Danosaurs,bike ​
Yatziri aislinn F 2 Years ​Barbies,dolls,fruit toys ​