Cops Pull a Woman from a Burning Car (Chest-Cam Video)

A 57-year-old woman in central Virginia crashed her car around 4:00 A.M. on Friday, and it caught fire.

But luckily, two cops showed up just in time.

Officers Dalton Foley and Olivia Martin got there and saw the back of the car was on fire.  So they ran over to see if anyone was still inside.

The driver was unconscious and still buckled in.  So one of them used a knife to cut her seatbelt.  Then they both pulled her out . . . started dragging her away . . . and made sure no one else was in there.

The whole thing only took about a minute, and that’s all the time they had.  At the end of the video, they look up, and the whole car is engulfed.