KXDD Ag Week

KXDD Is Celebrating Our Local Ag Community All Week Long!

We know that food and fiber doesn’t just arrive at the grocery or clothing store . . . or magically appear on our dinner table or in our closet. There’s an entire industry dedicated to providing plentiful and safe food for consumption . . . as well as a wide range of comfortable, fashionable clothing choices. We rely on agriculture for the very necessities of life. From beef and pork to cotton and corn, agriculture is working harder than ever to meet the needs of Americans and others around the world.

And it’s important to remember that American agriculture is not just doing it, but doing it better and more effectively! Consider this:

  • Each American farmer feeds about 165 people. Agriculture is America’s #1 export.

  • New technology means farmers are more environmentally friendly than ever before.

That’s really what this week is all about . . . recognizing the role of agriculture – and celebrating it.

Listen all week long as we celebrate our local ag community!

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