Kacey Musgraves Fulfills A LIfelong Dream…To Work At A Shaved Ice Truck?

KACEY MUSGRAVES fulfilled a lifelong dream last Friday, but it had nothing to do with music.  She spent the afternoon working at a shaved ice truck in Nashville.  It’s something she’s wanted to do since she was a kid. it all started when she hit up Instagram last Wednesday and wrote, “Any snow cone stands hiring right now?”  Somebody who owned a truck slid into her DMs and offered her the opportunity of a lifetime.

There she was on Friday working at the Blue Monkey Shaved Ice truck.  She posted photos and videos of herself waiting on customers, hanging out, and posing for pics.

She also wrote, “Thank you @Blue-Monkey-Ice Nashville for helping fulfill my lifelong dream of working in a snow cone stand.  Though I did low-key kinda slack, we gave out hundreds of free cones.  Spread a little joy wherever you can.”