Mini Horse Named Teaspoon, Left Disabled from Snake Bite, Walks Again Thanks to Wheelchair

Teaspoon the mini horse has overcome buckets of adversity in the mere five months she has been alive.

According to Walkin’ Pets by, a leading provider of pet mobility equipment, when Teaspoon was even younger than she is now, she was bitten by a venomous snake on the back of her hoof.

This incident left Teaspoon disabled. Because of the snake bite, the mini horse’s back leg has become necrotic and will need to be amputated. After this diagnosis, Teaspoon’s former owners realized they wouldn’t be able to provide the animal with the extra care she will need following the operation.

The owners reached out to Panda Paws Rescue, who agreed to help out the mini horse. Panda Paws tapped the New Jersey-based farm animal rescue Goats of Anarchy for additional help. The two rescues worked together to carefully drive Teaspoon from Louisana to her new home at Goats of Anarchy, which is focused on caring for special needs farm animals.

Walkin’ Pets heard about Teaspoon’s eventful five months and wanted to help too. They built and donated a full-support Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, the first-ever built for a horse, for Teaspoon using a wheelchair frame donated by Panda Paws.