Country Hottie- Devin Dawson


Devin Dawson began writing songs after getting his heart broken for the first time. In an interview Dawson gets vulnerable about … well, getting vulnerable.

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter says he’s “like, 51 percent good guy, 49 percent bad guy” — and when it comes to love, he pushes bad-guy Devin a little bit more to the forefront.

Devin says “I’m not the best at communicating to your face, but I can write a song about it. Like, I can hide behind a guitar and tell you how I feel”, and that’s really what his latest song “Asking For a Friend” is.

Dawson explains that the lyrics of his new song tell the story of a guy who is trying to make amends. He says “You go through these things, and you learn.”

Later this year, Dawson will be opening shows for Tim McGraw  and Faith Hill on the soul 2 soul tour.