Pepsi Flavored Ketchup…Dear Lord, WHY?

MLB has been all about its NEW RULES this season . . . and now, that’s apparently extending OFF the field.  Onto our hotdogs.  (???)  

On the Fourth of July, four Major League ballparks will “treat” fans to PEPSI-FLAVORED KETCHUP.  It’s part of Pepsi’s #BetterWithPepsi campaign, where they’re drumming up publicity by hyping crazy combinations.

It will be available at four ballparks . . . the home fields of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Minnesota Twins, the Detroit Tigers, and the New York Yankees.  


Also, at ALL MLB ballparks now until July 4th, if you buy hot dogs and Pepsi . . . text “FREEPEPSI” to 81234, and upload the receipt . . . you’ll get a coupon for a free 20-ounce Pepsi product.