Surviving Daylight Saving Time

With the switch to Daylight Saving Time switch tonight everyone is dreading losing an hour of sleep. If you want to spring forward as smoothly as possible follow these tips!

Eat Dinner Earlier!  

When you eat affects your sleep cycle. Eat your dinner earlier to get to sleep earlier.

Use Light to Ease into the Day!

The best part of springing forward is the extra light in the evening. The flip-side of this is that we’ll have less light to wake us up in the morning. Experts say using an alarm that slowly brightens as you wake up will make it easier to get out of bed and start your day.

Take a Nap!

If your work will allow it, take a nap in the afternoon so you’re not exhausted the next day! This little afternoon nap can help you catch up on the hour of sleep we lose.

Avoid Screens!

Experts say that we should stop using screens (phones, TVs, computers) about an hour before we want to go to sleep. The light from the screens tricks your brain and makes it harder to fall asleep.

The switch to Daylight Savings is tough for everyone and these tips will help make that transition earlier. What tips to do you have for surviving the switch to Daylight Saving Time?


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