The Home Of Your Dreams…(If Your Dream Is To Live In A Nuclear Missile Silo)

For those looking to hunker down and avoid dealing with the zombie apocalypse- why not live underground in an old nuclear missile silo?

It’s got just over 1,250 square feet of living space, so it’s not huge.  But there’s also an unfinished lower level that’s the same size with endless possibilities. 

The entire living space is actually in the old control room where they would have launched the missile.  But you can get to the silo itself through a tunnel. 

The bottom of the silo is filled with water.  It looks like he put a little raft in there to paddle around in, so that sounds fun. 

There’s only one bedroom, and one bathroom. 

It comes furnished with an oven, refrigerator, and microwave.  He also added some amenities, like a foosball table, popcorn machine . . . and a big wall to hang all your GUNS.  

There’s also a projector with a big screen.  And you’ll have Wi-Fi if you set up a Starlink satellite dish outside. 

It comes with just over six acres of land.  From ground level, you’d barely know it’s there except for a concrete entryway.  The address is “1200 Silo Lane.”