Congratulations to our #MomsLoveParryJewelers Winner! Denise! Read what her daughter wrote about her below.

“This is my mother Denise. I am not sure where to even start. This women is truly the most remarkable, kind, giving and gentle person you’ll ever meet. She is the type of person whom would give their shirt off her own back to make sure someone else’s stays warm. When I was pregnant with my first child my daughter came way to early, at 25 weeks to be exact. When I went into labor, my mom drove over 3.5 hours to make it to me just in time to hold my hand and help me through one of the most terrifying events of my life. She was my rock, she was my strength, she held me up all of the way to ensure I held onto faith that my daughter would survive. She gave up so much to help me, support me, and give all that she could to me while my daughter fought for her own life only being a 1lb baby. After 105 days, I was able to take my daughter home, my mom was by my side every step of the way. From there on, thousands of doctor appointments, hospitals stays, surgeries, emergency life flights, my mom was there. She was our rock, our solid foundation when everything else was crumbling all around. She kept my spirits alive, she kept me strong. Fast forward 5 years. I became pregnant with my second child. A baby boy. At 24weeks I went into pre term labor again. While my mom was at work, I frantically called her and said I need you! I was at the hospital and they were talking about flying me out right away to the UW hospital in Seattle. She dropped everything for me and ran out the door to be by my side. It did not matter to her what the steaks may have been for her to just up and leave work to be by my side… She did it. She sacrificed weekdays and every weekend while I was laying in a hospital bed for almost 3 months while trying to stay pregnant long enough to have a healthy strong baby boy. She drove thousands of miles to make sure I was not alone, she was always there. Whenever I felt lonely or needed to talk things through, she was there. I could call her at 3am when I was having a melt down in the hospital and feeling just so alone.. and she would answer and comfort me even though she had to wake up in a few hours to go to work. She was there. She gave it all for me, to keep me strong, to keep my children healthy and safe. At 38 weeks (God bless) I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and she again was there to cut the cord and support me every step of the way. It’s like she’s an angel sent from above to protect me and my child and keep us safe and strong. Fast forward 4.5 years. Just under 2 months ago, my daughters seizure support dog named Duke went missing. The very next day her dad (my grandpa) passed away suddenly with no warning sign, nothing. Despite all the heartache and trails thrown at her.. She was so strong. She held our entire family together while you could tell she was hurting and breaking inside, she somehow kept not only us from falling apart, but herself too. She helped us search for our service animal for days and days, meanwhile trying to juggle work, prepare funeral arrangements, and somehow keep herself going in the process. While my daughter was having increased medical issues due to our dog going missing, my mom was there right by our side. She put everything on hold just to be there for me and my family. I can’t even tell you how amazingly remarkable this women is. I love her with all my heart and soul and if anyone deserves a wonderful gift like this, she surely does. I wish I could give her the world like she’s given hers to mine, and I just pray that I become a mother just like her. My other grandpa has been battling heart failure and stage 4 kidney failure for about 4 months now… She’s been to the hospital time and time again.. and when they have let him go home with a nurse at the house, she was still there by his side. She’s the heart and soul of our family. I have no idea how she can carry the weight of the world on her shoulders… but she does. Just yesterday my grandpa was placed on hospice. She has dropped everything once again to support our family. She’s making phone calls, prepping my grandma for the worst, making sure everything goes smoothly and people are comforted and my grandpa feels safe, loved, and peaceful without pain nor fear. She’s given her all and has never once expected anything in return. She just continues to smile, encourages people that everything will be okay, that God has a plan for all of us, and to just stay strong and believe in the best. I have no idea how she can take on all of this. But she does. I love my mom so very much, and she is my hero. She has saved lives as a first responder, she is a cancer survivor, and most of all, she is my guardian angel sent from above. How I was so lucky and blessed to have her as a mom, I’m not sure. But thank God I was because the trials we’ve been through have not been easy. I love you mom, and I thank God every day that my children and I were blessed with an amazing women like you. Her smile speaks the love and kindness in her heart, anyone who meets her, knows they have a shoulder to lean on and a smile and laugh to brighten their day. She’s a solid rock for anyones foundation, especially mine.
Thank you mom for being you and thank you for the love, strength, respect, kindness, hope and happiness you’ve brought into not only my life but every soul you meet. Happy early Mother’s Day and I love you with everything I am and so much more. #momsloveparryjewelers” –Darci Cline