Flying Cars Are Coming? Are We About To Go Full Jetsons?

My lifelong dream of living in “The Jetsons” is closer to reality!  A FLYING CAR just got approved for testing by the FAA.  A company called Alef is behind it.  People are excited, because it takes off VERTICALLY like a helicopter.

That means you wouldn’t need a long stretch of road to use as a runway.  You could take off in the middle of a traffic jam . . . fly past the traffic . . . then land and keep driving.

It also LOOKS like a car.  So it’s not just a helicopter that they’re CALLING a “car.”   

They unveiled their “Model A” prototype last fall, and they’ve been taking pre-orders.  They’re expected to cost $300,000.  

Even with that price tag, a bunch of people have already put down deposits.  You can get in line for $150, or skip the line and join their “Priority Queue” for $1,500.